Where It All Began

thd1961I am Tony Hamilton-Dewsbury, pictured on the left in 1961 as I learned my profession as a Radio Officer.

R.M.S Wray Castle in Ambleside is where it all started and this site shares some memories and hopefully will attract more "Castle Lads" to our next reunion, scheduled for September 25 2013.

Have You Got Time to Remember?

Go back to the days of yesteryear when most ocean going ships carried at least one Radio Officer.

The task of the R/O was primarily to communicate with shore stations, and most importantly to maintain radio watch on the Distress Frequencies of 500 kHz for Morse traffic and 2182 kHz for radio telephone traffic.

It was without doubt the best job on the ship, with the most free time in exotic ports (even Grimsby?), when the radio room was closed and sometimes sealed, unless one was unfortunate enough to work for a company who required the R/O to work ("WORK?") in port.

Happily I was one of the former, who said goodbye to the ship on arrival in port, to say hello again on sailing!

Please enjoy some of the pictures on this site and keep coming back as more news is posted and we have the details of the next reunion at "The Sally" on September 25th 2013.

The picture on the right shows the difference that 40 years can make: 40yearson

The original picture was taken in 1963 to celebrate the attainment of our "tickets"; the background is 40 something years later in Ambleside, and shows:

Paul (Bo) Lewis, Pete (Sorry Lads only got 1 Fag) Nicholson and Tony Hamilton-Dewsbury

Keep tuned to this site for latest news. QRU? QRV
Deepsea Dewsbury

redsilenceonlyIt could be said that the working life of the R/O was regulated by the type of clock shown here!

Seldec Publishing was founded in 1993, by former Merchant Navy Radio Officer Tony Dewsbury, and now produces reproduction clocks of this type and more alongside reference books for the radio frequency enthusiast.

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